About the Seminar



The objectives of the Seminar series are to disseminate the advances in technology made in the field of paste and thickened tailings, and provide a forum to present and discuss field applications, and obtain feedback from practitioners working at mine sites worldwide.

Key themes

The following topics and related themes were the focus for Paste 2013:

  1. Hydraulically Placed Dry-Stacks
    • Hydraulically placed, drained sand stacks (cyclone sand stacks and dams). Design, Operation and Performance.
    • Hydraulically placed and sun-dried slimes stacks. Design, Operation and Performance.
  1. Filter-Pressed  Dry-Stacks
    • Filter Pressing Technology
    • Material Management
    • Stack Design and Operation
  1. Thickened  Tailings
    • Thickener Technologies
    • Rheology
    • Distribution
    • Facility Design and Operation
    • Beach Prediction
  1. Paste Tailings
    • Deep  Cone Equipment Technology
    • Pumping and Distribution
    • Facility Design and Operation
  1. Environmental Considerations
    • Water Management
    • Dust Control
    • Reclamation & Closure
  1. Polymer-Amended  Tailings
    • Polymer  Selection
    • Polymer Injection and Discharge Management
    • Facility Design and Operation
    • Resulting Polymer-amended Tailings Performance.