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TechnoMine, a division of InfoMine Inc, is a leading source of online information about technology for the mining and geoscience communities. It provides insightful articles, news, reviews, and resources on mining technology and related topics. We invite you to browse the following tailings-related reviews.

Paste and Thickened Tailings

The literature on paste and thickened tailings is probably more voluminous than the actual number of mines where the methods are used. The idea has been around for a long time and the promise will continue to beguile and fascinate tailings practitioners for a long time hence. For there are indeed successful case histories and there are indeed benefits if you can get it right.

InfoMine’s Technology Review on paste and thickened tailings covers the basic terminology, talks about the issues involved in paste and thickened tailings, lists suppliers and consultants who specialize in these types of tailings, and gives a perspective of the future of tailings. Other topics that are covered in the review include the beach profile, and seismic response.

Filter-pressed, Dry-stack Tailings

More and more mines are choosing to filter press their tailings and place the tailings in a stack. Filtering tailings is not new. The practice is, however, increasing for these reasons: the need to reduce water consumption; the need to limit seepage from the tailings; and the imperative to build a stable stack not subject to slope failure or flow. The increasing price of mined commodities makes the increased costs of filtering feasible.

The review on filter-pressed, dry-stack tailings recounts the history of filter-pressed tailings, and talks about some of the projects that use this technology for their tailings.

Polymer Amended Tailings

This review discusses the use of polymers in tailings. It contains references to books and papers, conferences that deal with this topic, the fields where the technology is used, and the suppliers and consultants who service the sector. Topics covered include the use of thickeners, and the use of polymers in oil sands tailings.

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